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Baby Shower

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Baby Shower Celebration

Welcome a baby into the world with wonderful party gifts, themes, and planning ideas! Only at, your one-stop site for your party needs.

A Baby Shower

A Baby Shower

A baby shower is a great way to celebrate the coming bundle of joy. But there can be more to a shower than the traditional women-only cake fest with embarrassing games and too-sweet punch. Here are some ideas for throwing a baby shower bash to remember.

Baby shower basics

Traditionally, baby showers are held in the home of the hostess, who is not a member of the mommy-to-beís immediate family, at least a month before the baby is born. Now it is accepted for mothers and sisters to throw showers, they can be held at your church, community center or favorite restaurant, and showers are sometimes thrown after the baby is born (especially when thereís a lot of out-of-town family who would be coming to visit the new baby anyway).

The hostess usually invites who the honored mother wants invited, and itís fine to have multiple showers, say, one for co-workers, one for friends, one for church. Phone calls or e-vites are becoming more accepted ways of announcing a shower, but the printed or hand-written invitation is still the norm. When writing invitations, make sure to include the date, time, location, directions, contact information and where mom is registered. If thereís a theme or anything special guests need to bring or do, mention that on the invitation.

Itís a big question these days whether to invite men to the baby shower. While men likely wouldnít be interested in a traditional shower, that doesnít mean they donít want to be a part of welcoming the new baby. Couples showers are gaining in popularity and can be more like a party where there happen to be gifts for baby than a traditional shower. See more below. Traditional baby showers

Probably everyone has been to one of those traditional showers, with the whole house decked out in blue and pink balloons and streamers, a bunch of women sitting around sharing baby delivery stories and playing games like baby food taste test and that oh-so-humiliating game where people try to guess how much toilet paper it will take to wrap around mommyís belly.

Men will definitely not want to be invited to this kind of shower. A traditional shower is fine if youíre into tradition, but some of your single friends will probably be pretty bored by all the baby talk. If youíre planning a traditional shower, make sure thereís some activity that doesnít revolve around baby for those who arenít interested in admiring a belly all afternoon..

Themed baby showers

A new development in baby showers is the themed shower. Much like a birthday party, or any other party, showers can come in all sorts of themes, some related to mommyhood and some not.

Taking a page from the wedding shower book, you could host a time-of-day shower with each guest responsible for a gift that might be used at a certain time of day or at mealtime, naptime, bedtime, storytime, bathtime, etc. A similar theme deals with babyís firsts; gifts are themed around babyís first step, first bath, first book, first haircut (a gift certificate or a pair of scissors) and more.

For a creative bunch, basket themed party can be fun. Each person gets a theme for a basket (bath toys, food, diaper-changing items, bedding, etc.) and is asked to design a gift basket around that theme. This is great for creative people who will expand the definition of basket to include galvanized buckets, baby bathtubs, toy boxes and more to hold their gifts. As the hostess of such a party, though, you should have ideas for all the themes you distribute, including some low-budget offerings.

A mommy shower is a good choice for a mother who already has children. Instead of buying more of the basics she already has, guests can give her gift certificates or coupons for massages, dinner out or babysitting services, homemade coupons given as offers to help with housecleaning or babysitting, or other things to pamper her such as silk pajamas, candles, soothing music and good books.

If the mother-to-be already has a theme for the babyís room (a color scheme, the circus, baby animals, etc.) itís easy to develop a theme for the shower around that theme. Decorate in that style or color, and ask guests to bring things that will fit in the new nursery.

Couples baby showers and more

Of course there are numerous other options, particularly when you throw men into the mix. You could ignore tradition all together and host a couples baby shower barbecue. If the shower is in the summer, consider a beach-themed party complete with tiki torches and leis.

Think also about having a shower at a different time of day for an added twist. Most showers are mid-afternoon, but what about a breakfast, brunch or dinner shower? If mommy is into glamour you could have a cocktail party shower with nonalcoholic beverages and fancy finger foods.

If the new parents need help getting ready for baby, you could have a working shower, where friends come over to help paint, put together furniture and move the baby stuff into his or her new room. Celebrate the end of a hard day with pizza and games.

Another great way to get guest into the action is to have them bring a gift thatís not on the registry. Ask guests to bring a copy of their favorite childrenís book to help stock babyís library or their favorite toy or an item that reminds them of their childhood. Then each guest can tell a story about what they brought and why it is meaningful to them.

If you want to plan a shower thatís different, think about the motherís (or the coupleís) interests. Do they love to travel? Set the shower in Paris. Is she a gardening nut? Decorate with flowers in watering cans. Does she love a certain time period? Why not a 1950s housewife theme or a Roaring Ď20s party?

Speaking of era themes, another fun element to add to a shower is having a costume shower. Ask guests to dress as their favorite parents from history, literature and movies or their favorite character from a childrenís book. Itís fun to see who people will pick to dress as, and this will ignite endless conversation.

As you can see, the sky is really the limit when planning a baby shower. Donít be limited by tradition, or even by ideas that a baby shower should be all about the baby. Of course, celebrating the impending arrival is the focus, but itís also just a good reason to have a really great, fun party that people will remember for years to come.

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