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Baby Shower

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Baby Shower Celebration

Welcome a baby into the world with wonderful party gifts, themes, and planning ideas! Only at, your one-stop site for your party needs.

Baby Shower Centerpiece

Easy Baby Shower Centerpiece
By Jennifer McCleary

baby shower centerpiece

Centerpieces are taking on all sorts of shapes these days. You no longer have to stick to the traditional flower arrangement centerpieces. You can jazz it up and give your guests a little something to remember at your next shower. Read how to do a creative, easy baby shower centerpiece.

For some quick and easy baby shower centerpieces that do double duty try a couple of these suggestions. Some very easy baby shower centerpieces are simple bowls of candy. You can get after-dinner mints in almost any color and can coordinate them with your baby shower color scheme. Just place them in some pretty bowls and set in the middle of your tables. You can also get M&Mís in custom colors and do the same idea.

Another easy baby shower centerpiece is to have pretty trays of cookies and cupcakes at the center of your tables. You can use tiered trays and alternate with cookies, mini cupcakes or muffins, and even chocolate covered strawberries.

Something else you could do for a baby shower centerpiece would be to tie ribbon around bundle of baby supplies. Then, when the baby shower is over you can give the bundles to the mother-to-be. This way you have cute and creative baby shower centerpieces that also double as a gift for your guest of honor.

If your baby shower favors are in attractive boxes, or cellophane bags with ribbons you can use them for your centerpieces. Stack the boxes in fun little pyramids, or put the bags in a basket and then place them at the center of your table. After the party you can ask each of the guests to take one and then part of your clean up is done for you.

You can also use the classy baby shower centerpiece idea of floating candles. Get a shallow dish, fill it with water and place two to three floating candles. This is a very attractive centerpiece that you can use over and over for different events.

The options are really endless, let it fit your personality. Be creative and try out new ideas! If you would like more ideas on how to plan the perfect baby shower, visit

Jennifer is a full time teacher and has been planning parties and events on the side for years. If you found this article useful, check out Jenniferís other party planning tips at You can also visit all of Jenniferís other articles on a variety of topics.

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