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Baby Shower

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Baby Shower Celebration

Welcome a baby into the world with wonderful party gifts, themes, and planning ideas! Only at, your one-stop site for your party needs.

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Baby Shower Cupcakes

It is usually a given, that at any baby shower you are going to have a cake. But, why not change things up a little bit and have a tower of baby shower cupcakes instead of a traditional baby shower cake. Baby Shower Cupcakes are fun, and can offer a little something different for your next shower.

For easy baby shower cupcakes, use a box recipe for your cupcakes. You can use strawberry or cherry cake mix, with pink frosting for an easy little girl baby shower. Top with some trinkets from your local party store, or adorn with cute little ribbons made out of bows.

For a baby boy shower you can use a funfetti cake mix and frost with blue icing. Again, top with trinkets like toy rattles and pacifiers or use little bows made out of blue ribbons.

If you are throwing a themed shower, you can get all sorts of cupcake decorations for practically any theme out there. Make a mix of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, ice and top with decorations.

For a slightly more involved idea, you can make your cupcakes and then decorate them with colored icing. You can make pictures of baby footprints, rattles, diapers, or anything related to the diaper. Or, you can write messages on them such as "Itís a boy/girl!" or inscribe with the due date and possibly the babyís name.

There are a million different ideas that you can use for decorating cupcakes. Also, you can make frosting in practically any color of the rainbow so it is very easy to coordinate with the colors of your shower.

For fun and easy table centerpieces, place some tiered cake stands in the center of the tables and use the cupcakes for your decorations. Guests can then help themselves to dessert and some of your clean up work is done for you.

Many different ideas can be incorporated into your baby shower. So, let your creativity go wild and your baby shower cupcakes are sure to be a success! If you would like more information on planning the perfect baby shower visit

Jennifer is a full time teacher and has been planning parties and events on the side for years. If you found this article useful, check out Jenniferís other party planning tips at You can also visit all of Jenniferís other articles on a variety of topics.

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