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Baby Shower

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Baby Shower Celebration

Welcome a baby into the world with wonderful party gifts, themes, and planning ideas! Only at, your one-stop site for your party needs.

Baby Shower Ideas

Not sure how to plan for a baby shower and need help with fun and creative baby shower ideas? Planning for a baby shower can be very fun and a great way to celebrate a mother and her baby. Having a great theme will help to pull all the elements of the baby shower together. Some of the best baby shower ideas and themes are listed below for you to reference as you plan the event.

Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

Teddy Bears- Teddy Bears can make a great theme for boys. These cute little stuffed animals remind us all of the innocence of childhood. They are also cheap to purchase and can make great baby shower party favors and decorations.

Animals - Animals can make great baby shower themes also. Choosing animals like frogs or a Jungle theme can be very easy for planning. Picking invitations, party favors and decorations can easily be done with an animal theme. It is often nice to check with the mother to be for her ideas and see what animals she likes.

Sports Themes - These can be interesting themes for a baby boy. Ask the parents what sport they hope the child will play in the future and then decorate using this sport.

Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

Anne Geddes theme - The beauty of Anne Geddes' work is unparalleled. She has done a beautiful job of photographing babies. Her artwork can be combined to create invitations and decorations equally well.

Princess Theme - We all know the little baby girls are princess from the very beginning of life. What better way to celebrate the birth of a baby girl and show her how important she is to everyone.

Care Bare theme - This is another fun theme that can be used for a baby girl. Care bears are so cute and cuddly they make a fun theme for the shower.

Cowboys - Most little boys have a built in fantasy about being a cowboy. Therefore a cowboy baby shower theme can easily be done and lots of fun for guests.

Baby Shower Themes for Twins

Jack and Jill - We all know the now famous poem about Jack and Jill going up the hill. Well this can make a very fun baby shower theme if a mother is having twins especially if one of the babies is female and the other is male.

Two Peas in a Pod - This of course is a fun baby shower idea that can easily work for a theme no matter the twins gender.

Universal Baby Shower Themes and Baby Shower Ideas

Favorite Fairy Tales - Fairy tales and folk stories can often make fun themes for a baby shower also. Things like the Cow Jumped over the moon can make a very interesting and unique baby shower theme.

Noah's Ark - This can be a fun theme for the guests and one that is easy to find materials for. This works equally well for both female and male babies.

Winnie the Pooh - This adorable and cute little bear has won many people's hearts and is a wonderful theme for a baby shower. It is also a very easy one to find materials for. There are tons of pre-made decorations, invitations and even party favors all with Winnie the Pooh as the logo or artwork.

Stork - We have all heard the tale or seen the pictures of a stork delivery a baby. This association has been around for a long time and can easily be incorporated to make a great baby shower theme.

The above baby shower ideas are only a small amount of creative baby shower ideas. There is so much more out there and by spending time with the theme and contemplating fun ideas to incorporate you are sure to find something that is unique and individual and sure to please.

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