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Bachelor Party

bachelor party special for the boysA bachelor party (also called a stag party, stag night (UK, Ireland and Canada), or bucks party (Australia)) is held for a groom-to-be shortly before he is married, to make the most of his final opportunity to engage in activities a new wife might not approve of, or merely to spend time bonding with his male friends. This kind of party may involve activities such as going to a strip club, hiring a female stripper or escort, drinking alcohol and gambling.

The task of organizing this pre-wedding party is often assigned to a male sibling of the groom-to-be. And in the absence of a male sibling, a male friend will organize it. The task often falls to the best man as well.

The tradition is thought to have originated with a bachelor dinner that was traditional in ancient Sparta.

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Bachelor Party Limousine

bachelor party limousine, westchester limousine
Hiring a Bachelor Party Limousine: What You Should Know

Because your driver's license probably doesn�t say Trump, this might be one of the few times in your life that you get to hire a limousine for your bachelor party. Transporting guests in a bachelor party limousine is a lot different from shuttling wedding or funeral attendants in a wedding or funeral limousine, so you�ll need to ask the right questions to get the best bang for your buck.

Start with word of mouth. The Yellow Pages tell you nothing about the quality of a bachelor party limousine service. Call a few hotel concierges in your city and find out which limousine companies they recommend to their VIP guests. Then, check the listings of your local business organizations. Companies that belong to the local Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, and Convention and Visitors Bureau will be your best bets.

Plan ahead. Most quality limousine companies can get you their best deals when you call three to four months in advance. If the bride and groom have already booked their limo deal, find out if you can get a discounted rate by piggybacking the bachelor party on to the main event.

Find a specialist. Unless your bachelor party activities include drunken rides through baggage claim chutes, a limo company that mainly handles airport runs might not be the best pick. Look for family-owned companies that specialize in weddings, parties, and other private events. To find a limo company near you, check out

Ask for the total cost. Many limo companies will quote you an hourly fee. It�s up to you to ask them to provide a figure that includes tips, tolls, taxes, and unexpected surcharges. Otherwise, you�ll have to make those strippers meet you at the interstate rest stop where the driver leaves you after you run out of money.

Take my deposit, please. It sounds like bad advice, but you want to find a limo company with a non-refundable deposit. Otherwise, your limo company could ditch your bachelor party at the last second for a less messy airport run. A firm deposit policy protects you both.

Say �P-U� to �PUDO.� If a limo company suggests that you can save money with a �Pick Up / Drop Off� package, walk away. Because that�s what you�ll be doing on the night of your bachelor party while your limo has scooted off to take an executive to the airport. Reserve a dedicated car and driver for a block of time. You may be paying them to sit around, but you�ll need a waiting getaway car if your groom gets gropey on the town.

Get what you want, and a little more. Stick with the low end of passenger estimates. If the limo company tells you their car seats eight to ten, figure it seats seven guys and a Chihuahua. Explore all your options. Will you send your groom out in the limo with his posse trailing in a passenger van? Or should you go for the stretch Hummer? Get clear quotes for exactly the make, model and specifications of your limo.

Get it in writing. Your agreement with the limo company should specify the exact car you want, the total cost, the date and time, and the pickup and drop-off locations. Make sure there�s a clear and reasonable rate for additional hours, in case you have to hunt through the hotel for your groom�s underwear.

Pay with a credit card. Plastic is the best defense against a bad limo company. You can call to dispute the charge, which gets your money back and causes headaches for bad vendors. Reputable limo companies love credit cards, and companies that don�t take credit are usually shady, fly-by-night operations.

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