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Bachelorette Party

bachelorette party, westchester limousine

In the United States, it has become a common practice for bachelorette parties to consist of a bar tour combined with a scavenger hunt, which usually has a risque or erotic theme. The bride-to-be is invariably dressed in some fashion so that everyone in the bar instantly recognizes her as being the subject of the hen party. Usually, she will be wearing a wedding veil and a t-shirt, which is to be signed by guys she and her friends meet in the bars that night. The bachelorette is usually quite intoxicated by the end of the night, as both her friends and the guys she meets in the bars will continuously buy her drinks.

In some American bars, it is not unusual to see several bachelorette parties held on the same night night on summer weekends. Occasionally the girls, drunk and loud, would fight.

In Canada, a hen party is often known by the term "stagette".

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Bachelorette Party Game Idea

Bachlorette Party Game Ideas

Come Prepared with Crazy Bachelorette Party Games to Shock the Bride and the members of her Party! (Note: Some of these bachelorette party games may require game pieces or props!)

Suck 4 A Buck
Make a T-shirt a few nights before the party by wetting Life Savors and allowing them to fully dry on the shirt. Then the bride to be wears the shirt at her Bachlorette Party and collects a dollar from a man to “suck” a life savor off the shirt. Some times other areas are more money!!! Use the money for drinks, her honeymoon, or even for a late night run to the diner.

Make up the bride
Get a variety of colors of cosmetics, (bright reds, greens, purples, the louder and bolder the color, the better). Ask for volunteers from the bar. Have the bride sit in the middle of the room. Have the volunteer choose a cosmetic. Blindfold the volunteer. Blindfolded volunteers are to "make-up" the bride. Then, the bride and make-up artists pose for a photo. This gets absolutely hilarious.

Hanging Out TO DRY
Each visitor is given a clothespin upon arrival to shower. They are told of two words they cannot mention (i.e. "wedding", and the groom's name). If they do, they lose their clothespin(s) to the one who caught them mentioning the forbidden words. The one, who has the most clothespins at the end of the day, wins a prize, and the others drink!

The Purse Game
Before hand, have the host of the bridal shower make up a list of items that any women would have in her purse. Such as lipstick, cell phone, pens, pictures of family, etc. Assign each item a point value. Add up your points and take a “sip” for your earned amount!

Candy Necklace
Someone in the party gets a candy necklace for the bride to be. Place it around her neck and throughout the evening have various men, women, bartenders, ect take a nibble at the candy, until there is no candy left on her necklace!

The first person starts out with a true statement (I never kissed a priest before) and anyone that has done whatever the person says is required to drink or to throw in (pennies, candies, or you have the people eat candies starting out with 10 or whatever you decide to use). The person with the most items left wins. It's a funny game!

Stick it!
When everyone is seated you pass out stickers to each guest. After everyone has a sticker on her shirt the game begins. Nobody is allowed to say the brides name or cross their legs or ankles. The person catching another person doing that gets her sticker. The person with the most stickers wins.

Advice for the Bride
Cut construction paper into small heart shapes and attach pipe cleaner. Hand all of the guests one with a pen and ask them to write "advice for the bride" example, "never go to bed mad". Place completed hearts in a vase and ask the bride to read them out loud. This is a great keepsake for the bride.

Dare to Find
* Through the evening collect some "collectible/laughs"
* Kiss the first guy to walk in the bar with his hat on backwards.
* Get a guy's boxers.
* Take photos of a bar's urinals.
* Buy a drink for the first red haired guy you see.
* Dance on a table.
* Sip a drink held between some strange man's legs.
* Ask a strange guy for a condom.
* Get the next man to walk in the bar to buy you a drink.
* Have some stranger sign his name on your bra or shirt or whatever.
* Flash a group of men from the sunroof of the limo.
* Get some poor guy's chest hairs.
* Find a fellow willing to serenade you.

Mardi Gras Madness
It's now time for us girls to turn the tables on those Mardi Gras Men! Have each girl wear one or more of the Colored Mardi Gras Beads and have the guys lift their shirts or drop their drawers for the beads! You can even have the Bachlorette wear all the beads and ask the guys to flash the Bachlorette for some beads.

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