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Bar Mitzvah

bar mitzvah, westchester limousine, fairfield limousine

According to Jewish law, when Jewish children reach the age of maturity (12 years for girls, 13 years for boys) they become responsible for their actions. At this point a boy is said to become Bar Mitzvah (בר מצוה, "man of the commandment"); a girl is said to become Bat Mitzvah (בת מצוה, "daughter of the commandment").

Before this age, all the child's responsibility to follow Jewish law and tradition lies with the parents. After this age, the children are privileged to participate in all areas of Jewish community life and bear their own responsibility for Jewish ritual law, tradition, and ethics.

Bar Mitzvah Articles

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Bar Mitzvah DJ

Tips For Hiring Bar Mitzvah DJs

Finding the right Bar Mitzvah DJ can be a challenge, but it can be fun and easy! Here are five helpful tips for hiring the perfect Disc Jockey for your special event!

1. View photos and watch video of as many disc jockeys as you can. Bar Mitzvah DJs are plentiful on the internet, and most of the DJs have photos and videos available on their online press kits.

2. Read previous client feedback. Many clients who have hired a DJ usually leave useful feedback about their experiences.

3. Book early. A top notch Bar Mitzvah DJ may need to be booked 6 to 12 months in advance, especially if you're looking for the DJ to also serve as a Master of Ceremonies.

4. Get a contract and read it carefully. Most professional Emcees and DJs will also require a deposit in order to secure them.

5. Follow up with your MC and DJ as often as you need to. Don't be shy about making sure your disc jockey knows exactly what you want. Be sure and ask to see the DJ's song list, CD library, and request any songs you and your party guests absolutely want to hear!

There are many professional Bar Mitzvah DJs available online. Now it's up to you to find and hire one!

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