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Bar Mitzvah

bar mitzvah, westchester limousine, fairfield limousine

According to Jewish law, when Jewish children reach the age of maturity (12 years for girls, 13 years for boys) they become responsible for their actions. At this point a boy is said to become Bar Mitzvah (בר מצוה, "man of the commandment"); a girl is said to become Bat Mitzvah (בת מצוה, "daughter of the commandment").

Before this age, all the child's responsibility to follow Jewish law and tradition lies with the parents. After this age, the children are privileged to participate in all areas of Jewish community life and bear their own responsibility for Jewish ritual law, tradition, and ethics.

Bar Mitzvah Articles

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Bar Mitzvah Gift

Bat/Bar Mitzvah Gift Ideas

Decorated Bar/Bat Mitzvah memory book
This has places for invitations, seating cards, photos taken by guests, copies of speeches, even the Torah portion

Personalized picture frames
These could have a name, a nickname, or a theme. Better yet, insert a photo of the bar/bat mitzvah child!

Theme bookends
Specialty shops have ones for any sport or hobby. We saw ones with famous synagogues on them!

Music/jewelry box
Pick a theme or song that has meaning to you or to the bar/bat mitzvah.

U. S. Savings bonds
Always a safe investment!

Israeli Savings bonds
Visit for more information

Fine Watches
Try engraving a special wish!

Engraved jewelry box
So many styles!

Monogrammed or personalized pocketbook or wallet
Perfect for young adults!

CD's and tapes
Ask friends to help with the selection. Or purchase a gift certificate at a nearby music store.

Personal CD player or boom box
Check to see if they already have one. Again, a gift certificate at the local electronics store is a safe bet!

Other favor suggestions could include: personalized sport bottles, boxer shorts, monogrammed towels, jester hat with the words "I danced like a fool at (child's name) Bar/Bat Mitzvah", key chains, photofavors, caricatures, and t-shirts.

Source: Simcha Tips/Gift Ideas

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