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Briss Day

Brit Milah
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Brit milah (Hebrew: בְרִית מִילָה [bə'rīt mī'lā] literally: "covenant [of] circumcision"), also berit milah (Sephardi), bris milah (Ashkenazi pronunciation) or bris (Yiddish) is a religious ceremony within Judaism that welcomes infant Jewish boys into a covenant between God and the Children of Israel through ritual circumcision performed by a mohel ("circumcisor") in the presence of family and friends, followed by a celebratory meal (seudat mitzvah).

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10 Things People Forget in Preparing a Bris

Top 10 Things People Forget When Planning A Bris

by Yvonne Wolf

1. Assembling a complete list of phone numbers and e-mail addresses of invited guests BEFORE the baby’s birth

2. Planning 3 separate menus to accommodate the time of the Bris (since this depends on availability of Mohel); a morning menu, a lunch menu and a late afternoon/dinner menu.

3. Preparing an empty chair for “Elijah”

4. Appointing a K’vatter/K’vatterin (person who brings in the baby)

5. Appointing a Sandak (person who holds the baby during the circumcision)

6. Purchasing Yarmulkes for male guests to wear during the ceremony

7. Dressing the baby in a "nightgown" or an "easy-access" outfit

8. Purchasing a special pillow/pillowcase for the baby to rest on

9. Making sure cameras are fully charged and there is enough memory/film

10. #1 THING PEOPLE FORGET ………Securing a parking spot for the Mohel!!

Mazel Tov!

Yvonne Wolf is the owner of On The 8th Day. On the 8th Day takes care of all the details in planning your Brit Milah so you can enjoy spending the first 7 days with your baby stress-free. They will work with your budget to locate and purchase everything you need to make your celebration a memorable one! Yvonne can be reached at 310.360.7902 or Find more tips on

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