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Christmas Day


Non-traditional Christmas Gifts For Moms

by Low Jeremy

What to give mom?

That is perhaps one of the hardest people to find a gift to during the Holidays and the most fun to shop for. For unlike dads, moms have more flair and more pizzazz when it comes to their things. You can actually experiment a little when giving her gifts. The possibilities are endless with just one exception, not giving her the same gift that you've given the previous Christmases.

Here are some great but non-traditional gift ideas that your mom will surely love.

1. Spa Treatment

One great idea for a gift to your mom is a gift certificate to a spa service. This is one way for your mom to relax without feeling guilty of spending so much for one treatment. If you can, you can even spend the day with her on the spa. Give her all the works for Christmas, from the body spa to the hair spa to the foot massage.

2. Salon Treatment

You can also give your mom a salon treatment at your favorite salon. You can even ask your favorite hairstylist to do your mom's hair. More than traditional hairstyling, try to also ask for other services that they can provide such as hair treatment like hot oil and henna, hair coloring and high lights.

You can also provide her with manicure and pedicure as well as a foot massage. Giving her a salon treatment as Christmas gift is very timely because she can greet the coming new year with a new look.

3. Trip

If you have the money to spare and you really want your mom and your dad to enjoy themselves, why not give them a trip as a gift. Find out where they want to tour, Europe, Asia, Australia. You can even include in the package their hotel accommodations as well as their travelers checks. If the trip is in Europe, you can even include their train tickets when they cross country borders by train.

If you plan it well, you can actually purchase plane tickets on the Internet at cheaper rates. Websites like actually offers cheap plane tickets on off-peak hours and days. Of course, before you reserve them tickets, make sure that you know their schedule as they might not be able to go.

4. Dinner and Hotel accommodations

You can also give your mom and your dad a chance to relax by providing them with a gift certificate in a restaurant plus a hotel accommodation where they can stay afterwards.

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Low Jeremy maintains This content is provided by Low Jeremy. It may be used only in its entirety with all links included.

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