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Christmas Day


Christmas decorations and ornaments - the special fragrance of holidays!

by Clint Jhonson

The first Christmas decorations were the mistletoe and the holly. People all around the world, enlightened by the holiday spirit, felt the need to express their joy and decorate their homes for this special holiday. In the early days, food was also used for Christmas decorations. Today, Christmas trees are usually the focal point when it comes to decorating. They enrich ones home along with wreaths, garlands and additional beauty.

The mistletoe has a special meaning; it has a special kissing tradition coming from the Worse myths. It is said that Frigga, one of the gods, gave her son Balder a charm of mistletoe to protect him from the elements. The mistletoe was believed to have special healing powers in the Celtic culture and the British tradition traces back in the history the sacredness of the mistletoe.

Holly, with its dark green spiky leaves and red berries, was also believed to have magical powers and the ability to drive demons away. Germans considered holly to be a good luck charm against the hostile forces of nature.

Some of the most wonderful Christmas ornaments included cookies, candies and sugared fruits. Today, the tradition continues and a lot of kids enjoy making gingerbread houses, which can be used as centerpieces for Christmas displays and are eaten later.

A lot of people prefer using Christmas decorations as in the early days. They string cranberries or popcorn, the paint the edges of pine cones white to suggest snow and they add wonderful ribbons in white, green, red, blue,gold and silver. Modern Christmas ornaments include decorative baskets or containers with fragrant potpourri for an interesting display.

During the holiday season the magic of Christmas comes alive. At the mere mention of holly, ivy or mistletoe, visions of Christmas with all its wonderful memories wanders into our minds and we feel warm and peaceful. We are enraptured in visions of Christmas ornaments on trees, snow falling slowly, carolers singing and outdoor lights. The winter is cold and distant but the evergreens, the holly and the mistletoe are its small wonders. These winter delights are used as Christmas decorations in order to brighten up the chilly days of the winter.

The tradition of hanging a wreath on the front door is a welcome gesture of friendship. The wreath, the door garlands and swags are delightful Christmas ornaments that extend the evergreen theme of winter to other parts of the home. Using ones imagination and creativity, they can be wonderfully personalized and have an unique look and charm. You can use cones, berries and ribbons in order to increase the effect and have beautiful Christmas decorations. The branches of trees can also be used to decorate mantelpieces or form the basis of a table center arrangements.

Homemade Christmas ornaments include trimming of beads, knots of bright ribbons, paper stars and lace bags filled with candies. Nuts, seeds, berries and other homemade materials are used even today for Christmas decorations and they increase the beauty of the holiday. The tree dйcor is open to creative and inspirational holiday decorating ideas. Silver foil icicles, chains of tiny beads and crinkly of wire tinsel added sparkle to the Christmas trees in the past.

Decorating for the holidays can be a pleasure in itself and there are a lot of wonderful Christmas ornaments to choose from. The Christmas tree's pine smell delights ones sense and decorating has become a true art form. The original tradition of outdoor lights is a cheerful delight throughout the holiday season. The cold winter days of December are warmed up by the amazing light displays that bring the holiday spirit to everyone.
About the Author

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Enjoy the holiday season with our beautiful Christmas decorations and Christmas ornaments. Browse our collection and choose a gift for a special someone. Remember, Christmas is all about caring and giving!

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