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Corporate Picnic

Ann Arbor Corporate Picnic Location

2006 Best Ann Arbor Corporate Picnic Catering Company

Are you planning a corporate picnic in Ann Arbor, Michigan? Know which facility, resort or catering company is judged the best in the industry from the first annual awards issue of the Michigan Meetings and Events online trade publication. According to an article written by Cathleen Hagan, one of the best off-site catering services for corporate picnics in Ann Arbor, Michigan is provided by Weber's Restaurant and Hotel.

Weber's was founded in 1937 by Herman Weber and is still owned and operated by the Weber family. Considered one of the top Michigan hotels, it is located in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan, near the University of Michigan.

From its off-site catering services page, Weber's gives us some tips when planning a catered event:

Tips for Planning a Catered Corporate Picnic/Event

  1. Assemble as much information as possible (i.e.: estimate number of guests with a breakdown of adults and children) and budget
  2. Have your location site, date, and time (including access for set up time, starting and ending time) readily available.
  3. Find out what is available on site (tables, pavilion, type of grills, if any, garbage receptacles and bathrooms).
  4. If rentals are necessary (and they usually are) who will arrange for rentals? Possible rentals: tables, chairs, china, linen, tents (indicate size), grill tents, grills, air voids for beverages, buffet tables, etc.
  5. Decide what type of table service is required (buffet or sit down, disposable or china)
  6. Decide whether you wish to have a drop off or a full service catering, which includes food set up, BBQ grilling & waiter service.
  7. Determine if parking permits or park entrance fees are required for access to the site and of there are any special delivery entrances.
  8. Consider decorating and entertainment to enhance your party.

Having a catered Ann Arbor corporate picnic is no sweat with Weber's taking care of your corporate picnic menus. With extensive menus and specialties, they will customize your catering needs, making your event a truly festive occasion.

Weber's Restaurant and Hotel
3050 Jackson Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone: (734) 769-2500
Toll Free Reservations: (800) 443-3050
Sales and Catering Office (734)769-3237

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