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Corporate Picnic

Corporate Picnic Game

Corporate Picnic Game Ideas

These great corporate picnic game ideas are some of the most requested events at Corporate Games, Inc. More corporate picnic game events are found at their site.

If you’re a fan of The Apprentice television show, you’ll love this event. “You’re Hired!” focuses on real business skills-- creative thinking, teamwork, communication and working under pressure. Unlike The Apprentice, there is no “firing,” but there is competition. Each team is a group of “consultants” trying to prove that they have the business acumen to be “hired” by a wealthy client. They will experience a number of competitions that will test their abilities. “You’re Hired!” offers great flexibility, because you can choose challenges that will fill 2 hours of time or two days of time. These can be done indoors or outdoors, and there are a variety of challenges that will appeal to everyone.

The Great Race
This is an exciting activity for competitive, adventurous groups. Though it won’t take you around the world, it has all the excitement and difficulties of navigating to different parts of a city using public transportation. Each team starts at a different location in order to pick up initial instructions and a map of the area covered by the activity. It is up to the team members to figure out how to get to a number of locations in the fastest time possible. At each location there is a mental or physical challenge that they must perform successfully in order to receive additional information to help them get to the next site. The first team to complete the entire course wins. It takes planning, communication, resourcefulness and comfortable walking shoes!

Fast Talkin' Improvin'
When you want a fun, entertaining event that can be done anywhere, even in the most limited space, this non-threatening Improv activity is a great choice. It’s a great way to break the ice and to start the team building process. Participants will learn how their team members think and communicate. Though some people can be pretty shy about “performing,” the way our facilitators structure this is not intimidating. We start out in small teams with simple, fun exercises to get everyone comfortable; everyone is talking at the same time. Finally, team choose from a wide variety of improvisation topics and a range of difficulties. The teams select these based upon their comfort level. The energy level is high, and everyone has a great time.

Corporate Survivors!
This event is loosely based upon the popular TV series, "Survivor." However, the objective is to keep your team together, not eliminate teammates. It provides unique group problem solving opportunities and fun team challenges in the context of a group that is trying to "survive." Teams rotate through four or five stations; between the stations there are "immunity challenges." These events stress team survival, incorporate the features of any outdoor setting, and require communication, cooperation and teamwork. For each activity, a team is asked to select a different "captain" giving many people on the team a chance to communicate and lead the team. The challenges for this event are updated consistently to reflect the challenges seen in the TV show.

Photo Scavenger Hunt
This is a fabulous event that relies on communication, teamwork and creativity. It also allows participants to discover points of interest in the area covered by the hunt. Each team gets a 'hunt booklet', a Polaroid camera, and a pack of film. The booklet contains a list of about 30- 40 tasks that can be completed in exchange for (play) money. Teams can also answer questions and take 'physical or mental challenges' to get 'bonus dollars.' Lots of fun twists!

The Ad Biz
Each team must create and film a 60-second television commercial. These commercials must be about their own company and be as creative, persuasive and entertaining as possible. Costumes and props are available for the participants. At the end of the creative period (1.5- 2 hours), each team shows its commercial, and the entire group votes for Best Commercial. Creative and entertaining!

Building Bridges (Construction Game)
Our most popular "group problem solving game." It teaches people to communicate with each other AND their customers and ask questions in order to provide better service, better products, and even help develop new products. The activity starts with each team being told that they are a design- engineering firm and that they are competing against each other to win a contract to build a bridge for a growing city. The teams are given minimal information, but they can talk to representatives of the city and state if they choose. These are people located in three different places. In the end, the teams must actually build a model of their bridge (that holds the weight of people standing on it) and give a sales presentation to "government officials." The models are out of cardboard, tape and string. If teams take the time to communicate and ask the right questions, they'll be able to come up with an appropriate model and a solid sales pitch. The resulting models are unbelievable!

Par For The Course
An incredibly creative and fun team event, in which each team is challenged with building a hole for a miniature golf course. The real lesson to be learned is the vital importance of all teams communicating in order to build an entire course together. The competition for the most creative hole as well as the best golf score can get intense! Great for indoors or outdoors, and you don't need to know how to golf in order to participate.

More teambuilding events are found at the Corporate Games site:

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