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Father's Day

Father's Day

In the United States, the driving force behind the establishment of the celebration of Father's Day was Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd, born in Creston, Washington. Her father, the Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, as a single parent raised his six children in Spokane, Washington. She was inspired by Anna Jarvis's efforts to establish Mother's Day. Although she initially suggested June 5, the anniversary of her father's death, she did not provide the organizers with enough time to make arrangements, and the celebration was deferred to the third Sunday of June. The first Father's Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, in Spokane.

Unofficial support from such figures as William Jennings Bryan was immediate and widespread. President Woodrow Wilson was personally feted by his family in 1916. President Calvin Coolidge recommended it as a national holiday in 1924. In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson made Father's Day a holiday to be celebrated on the third Sunday of June. The holiday was not officially recognized until 1972, during the presidency of Richard Nixon.

In recent years, retailers have adapted to the holiday by selling male-oriented gifts such as electronics and tools. Schools and other children's programs commonly have activities to make Father's Day gifts.

Source: Father's Day - Wikipedia

Unique Father's Day Gift

Father's Day is just around the corner. Here are some Unique Father's Day Gift ideas sure to put a smile on dad's face.

1. Forget the Tie. Unique Father's Day Gift.
Vintage cufflinks, studs, watches and tiepins can be found for a fraction of the price of what you would pay for buying new. They can add finesse to dad's wardrobe.

2. Vroom Vroom Vroom. Unique Father's Day Gift.
Die-cast metal vintage-style cars make great desk toys. A Porsche, a Jaguar or an Aston Martin is sure to make dad's day memorable. Prices starting at $40.

3. Reader's Corner. Unique Father's Day Gift.
If dad is a collector, whatever his passion - antique toys, paperweights or furniture of any period - there is a book to teach him all he needs to know. Look for compact pocket guides or more complete reference books to kick back by the fire. Prices start at $9.95.

4. Desk Accessories. Unique Father's Day Gift.
Give dad's desk a makeover with the gift of an exquisite writing set. Direct from Italy is the Francesco Rubinato collection of old world writing instruments. This distinctive collection of fine writing instruments and accessories includes desk sets, quill-tipped pens, glass pens, wax seals - all attractively boxed for gift giving.

5. Music Lovers. Unique Father's Day Gift.
A gift of a vintage radio or gramophone will delight a fan from the pre-CD era. LP and 78 records can be found at garage sales starting at 25 cents. They can make for charming entertainment at the cottage.

About the Author
Martin Swinton owns Take-A-Boo Emporium, an antique shop located in Toronto, Canada. He does furniture restoration, caning and rushing repairs, custom reproductions, upholstery, teaches courses on antiques and does appraisals for estates and community events. He can be reached at 416-785-4555 or by visiting

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