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In the United States, a prom, short for promenade, is a formal dance held at the end of the years of high school and college, called junior prom and senior prom respectively. In British English such an event would be called a ball, although in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand it is also often called a formal. In Australian schools the terms used are either formal or sometimes as Leaver's Dinner, usually so when the night includes a meal. In Ireland it is known as a debs (an abbreviation of debutante ball). In the U.S. a "formal" is typically a similar dance that is held by a fraternity or sorority affiliated with a certain college or university. In Australia, the term "prom" has also come into sparse usage and in Britain it is becoming widespread, because of US influence. The name is derived from the late ninteenth century practice of a Promenade ball. The end of year tradition stemmed from the Graduation Ball tradition.

La Quinceanera

The Quinceanera Party
By Elizabeth Cuadrado

A quinceanera party is given to celebrate a young girl's coming of age. This takes place when a girl reaches the age of 15, otherwise known as her quince anos in Spanish. Many hispanic cultures follow this tradition. It involves a mass in the girl's honor as well as a ball style celebration.

A quinceanera party can be as elaborate as a wedding reception. The amount of money spent on this celebration depends on the social class of the family. Yet, most quinceanera parties cost an average of $5,000 to $10,000. Quinceanera parties are planned months in advance. The quinceanera party is usually held at a home or banquet hall. The party includes lots of food, a beautiful cake, and dancing. Many times, a choreographed waltz is performed by the quinceanera and her court. Her court if made up of 14 other people making it 15 with her.

On this special day, the quinceanera girl looks and is treated as a princess by her family and friends. She wears a gorgeous gown, high heels and a tiara. The high heels are put on her by her father while she is crowned like a princess by her mother.

Just like weddings, quinceanera parties usually follow a theme. The decorations and quinceanera favors are chosen accordingly. Some popular themes for quinceaneras parties include: a traditional theme, a princess theme, a mascarade ball, a Hawaiian theme, a garden theme, a butterfly theme, a black and white party theme, a Brazilian theme, and many more.

The quinceanera party is a very important and happy occasion in the life of a young latin girl. It is an event that she will treasure throughout her lifetime.

Elizabeth Cuadrado
The Royal Ball
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