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In the United States, a prom, short for promenade, is a formal dance held at the end of the years of high school and college, called junior prom and senior prom respectively. In British English such an event would be called a ball, although in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand it is also often called a formal. In Australian schools the terms used are either formal or sometimes as Leaver's Dinner, usually so when the night includes a meal. In Ireland it is known as a debs (an abbreviation of debutante ball). In the U.S. a "formal" is typically a similar dance that is held by a fraternity or sorority affiliated with a certain college or university. In Australia, the term "prom" has also come into sparse usage and in Britain it is becoming widespread, because of US influence. The name is derived from the late ninteenth century practice of a Promenade ball. The end of year tradition stemmed from the Graduation Ball tradition.

Quinceanera Theme

Cinderella Quinceanera Theme!

You’ve dreamed of this night for 15 years... and finally your dream has come true. You’ve chosen a spectacular ball gown and sparkling tiara and your high-heeled glass and rhinestone slippers are ready for your own Prince Charming (daddy) to place on your feet. After all the details for the ceremony are taken care of, turn your thoughts to planning the fairytale reception of your dreams.

Start planning your Cinderella-themed Quinceañera by choosing a slogan to use throughout your party. Print it on invitations, banners and favors for your guests. Try one of the following or brainstorm with your damas to come up with the perfect saying for your 15th birthday celebration:

• "Aliana’s Dream Come True Quinceañera Ball"
• “Cristina’s Happily-Ever-After Quinceañera”
• "Princess Paola’s Palace Party"
• "Hear Ye, Hear Ye...Princess Marisol is 15!"

Cinderella Quinceañera Invitations:

• Choose an invitation that will give your family and friends a sneak preview of your theme. For your Cinderella theme, invitations shaped like enchanting castles or fairytale carriages are perfect. Sprinkle castle-shaped confetti or Fairy Godmother dust (sparkle powder) inside your envelopes to make them stand out.

• For a unique invitation, attach a computer-generated tag to a mini glass slipper with silver curling ribbon. Invite guests by saying, "Only you can fill this coming to Isobel’s Cinderella Quinceañera Party!" Mail them in small padded envelopes or, if you want to save money on postage, recruit the help of your chambelanes. Dress them up as footmen and hand deliver these invites on a lovely white satin pillow (leaving only the shoe invitation with each invited guest).

Cinderella Quinceañera Decorations:

There are countless ways to decorate to create a fairytale Quince reception whether you are on a shoe-string or a sky’s-the-limit budget. You can tie your Cinderella theme into your décor whether you are holding your party in a large reception hall, a church community room or at your own home.

• Entrance: Greet your guests with a dazzling gateway into the reception room. A balloon arch, a pair of dreamy columns, a castle gate or a personalized banner are all excellent choices.

• Reception Hall: Next, add a fairytale focal-point decoration that is sized appropriately for your reception location and you’ll have the perfect spot for the presentation with your damita. You could use a larger-than-life castle or castle entrance in shimmering shades of icy blue, silver and white or a stunning carriage fit for a fairytale princess. For decorating accents, try swans, a castle bridge, a fountain or a grouping of faux trees filled with sparkling white twinkle. Balloons, streamers and gossamer are always great choices for economical decorating. Find fantastic ideas for working with balloons, gossamer and streamers along with an extensive variety of princess themed kits online at

• Photo Setting: A Quinceañera is the ideal time to capture some priceless memories as you’ll be surrounded by all the people you love most. You can actually plan this as a party activity. Set up an area with Cinderella-themed decorations specifically for picture taking. Whether you are hiring a professional photographer or recruiting Uncle Carlos, take pictures of each guest at the party and of different groups of guests standing by the photo backdrop. Mail or E-mail the photos to friends and family after the party with a note saying “gracias”.

• Dance Floor: For the court waltz, create the look of an elegant ballroom floor by cutting black and white checkered flat paper to the size of your dance floor. Secure the flat paper with clear packing tape. Next, outline the perimeter of your dance floor by placing a balloon or castle turret column at each corner. Finally, scatter balloons on the floor around the outside edge of the dance floor. Choose “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from the Cinderella soundtrack for your first dance as a woman with your father.

• Tables: Tie bows with gossamer or tulle across the top of each chair back. Cut the bows to any length and even let the tails trail on the floor. The bows hold their shape beautifully at a fraction of the cost of wired ribbon. Order light blue or white napkins and have them imprinted with your Quince slogan. Select a metallic or foil imprint and the napkins will serve several purposes...great decorating in disguise and a treasured memento for a scrapbook. While fresh flowers are fragrant and lovely, they are costly. You can create spectacular tables using Cinderella-themed castle centerpieces. For a whimsical touch, add enchanted pumpkins to a few tables. Spray paint real pumpkins white or gold, and add metallic gold ivy to the top. Surround each centerpiece with some votive candle holders imprinted with your party slogan and a sprinkling of castle confetti. The candles can be sent home with your friends and family as party favors when the reception ends.

Cinderella Quinceañera Favors:

• The latest trend for Quinceañeras is to share favor keepsakes that are personalized. You can have favors imprinted with a special thank you message along with your name and the date or with your Quinceañera slogan.

• Give your guests mini glass slippers (they are actually acrylic) as a token of appreciation for sharing in your special day!

• Have glassware imprinted with a special message or your theme slogan. Guests can drink from a special glass at the party, then take it home and think of you each time they see it.

• Frames are always a hit. To make your tables standout, display your menu or individual place cards with names at each place setting in frames. Use a calligraphy font on your computer to generate the menus or tags.

• Mini mint tins, key tags and clocks are also very popular as party favors right now. All of the favors listed can be displayed on the tables where guests will sit during the reception, as they will make the tables look more festive.

Cinderella Quinceañera Memory Making:

• Prepare a "Quince Spotlight" area for guests to view during the party. Display scrapbooks, photo albums of family and friends, artwork, sports trophies and awards on a festive table. This "chronicle" of your life will be enjoyed by all.

• Create a Quinceañera Time Capsule to be opened in 10, 20 or 30 years. Ask guests to bring something small to the party that reflects the year in some way or is a reminder of you. Years from now, you’ll have a sweet trip down memory lane of the incredible year that you turned 15!

If you find that after all your planning you have a little extra money to spend for your big day, hire a horse-drawn carriage to deliver you and your damas from the church ceremony to the reception. When the clock strikes midnight, your carriage won’t turn into a pumpkin and you’ll still be stunning in your gown even if you dance till dawn. Feliz Cumpleaños Quince girl!

Note: All invitations, decorations, and favors referenced in this article, along with Quinceañera ceremonial supplies including tiaras, scepters, kneeling pillows and aisle runners can be purchased by visiting

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