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Sweet Sixteen

A sweet sixteen is a traditional birthday party for girls to have when they turn sixteen years old. In parts of the United States and Canada, sixteen is the age at which one may obtain a driver's license. It is also the age of consent in many states, hence it is viewed by many adolescents as an important milestone.

The term can also be derived to mean turning 16 without having been kissed.

Sweet Sixteen Day Celebration Articles

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Sweet Sixteen Cake

Fun Ideas For Sweet Sixteen Cakes

This is not the time for watching the waist line!

Desserts don't get much sweeter than sweet sixteen cakes! Not only are the cakes themselves divine creations of sugar, spice and all things nice, but the celebration is a wonderful day when a teen is welcomed as a young lady. There's so much to organize for a sixteenth birthday party and one of the favorite elements is the cake who can resist a layered treat covered in pretty frosting, oozing with cream and festooned with flickering candles? Well, sweet sixteen cakes are not your average slab of sponge with a slick of icing slapped on top. They are as much a part of the theme of the party as the decoration of the venue. In fact, they can and should be the focal point of the festivities second to the young lady, of course! It should be surrounded by gifts and looked upon with awe by guests who salivate at the thought of tasting it!

There's no limit to the ideas you can create where sweet sixteen cakes are concerned and there's plenty of fun to be had in designing one, whether it's home made or store bought. Probably the first question to consider is: "What flavor should it be?" Naturally, the choice should be up to the teen whose big day it will be, and while ordinary chocolate may seem like the obvious choice, don't be surprised if she settles for a strawberry sponge, cherry cake, carrot cake or a gooey Mississippi Mud Cake.

The style of the cake should fit the theme. Its color should match the color scheme of the decorations and its shape and style should fit too. How about a cake shaped like Cinderella's crystal carriage, frosted in pink and covered in silver sparkles? Or perhaps a fairytale castle, complete with jello moat and wafer drawbridge? Or if those are a little juvenile, then perhaps a three-tier concoction designed to look like a stack of gifts, 'wrapped' in different styles of 'paper'? Sweet sixteen cakes should definitely have the wow factor, and regardless of the flavor on the inside, the outside must have visual impact.

Toppers can dress up an otherwise ordinary cake and you can buy those at cake decorating stores, homewares stores and even on ebay. Don't stop at the '16' candles, shaped like the numbers. Try a crystal sculpture or go all out and have a fully personalized polymer clay sculpture created in the likeness of your birthday girl, in any pose you like. All you need to do is send a picture in, and for a couple hundred bucks - ok so it's not cheap - you'll receive a totally adorable polymer clay figurine to set on top of the cake, that will look just like the guest of honor, and can be kept for posterity! Or you can decorate sweet sixteen cakes with edible photos, which is a much cheaper option.

Here are a few other clever ideas:

* Cookies 'n' cream cake - a big chocolate cake decorated to look just like a huge Oreo and served with dollops of fresh cream.
* Piano cake - shaped like a piano and colored black and white.
* Favorite car - shaped like a Porsche, VW or your teen's first car that she'll be driving soon.
* Pizza cake - present it in a real pizza box and instead of pepperoni and bacon, decorate it with slices of strawberry, banana and kiwi, and pieces of chocolate and marshmallow.

Let your imagination run wild when you're discussing sweet sixteen cakes. A mother/daughter baking session would even be huge fun so slip on the aprons, whip out the wooden spoon and no fighting over who licks the bowl!

Article Source: Sweet sixteen party - Information and a guide on how to have the best sweet 16 party.

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