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Weddings are special to everyone. Make your wedding plans come true with a variety of wedding accessories and decorations available at Wedding celebration. Find wedding ring and wedding band sets, wedding flower arrangement ideas and wedding flower designers, wedding decoration themes, wedding dress and wedding gown styles, wedding cake designs, wedding songs and wedding music selections, wedding poems, wedding invitation tips, wedding favor and wedding gift ideas, and even how to choose a wedding planner and a wedding photographer. Don't forget to check out how you can have a Las Vegas wedding!

Wedding Dress

The wedding day is a celebration of a bride's farewell to single hood and a welcome entrance to marriage life. For every bride, the single most important object of their obsession is the dream wedding dress - radiantly white and splendidly cut to show off their physical beauty. A woman can spend weeks looking at pictures of different wedding dresses in fashion magazines and wedding guides in search of that perfect wedding dress. In the world of wedding dresses, however, white is always the new black. Variations in color may exist for the occasional rebel, but for the general population of wedding fashion gurus, wedding guests, and brides-to-be, white is the traditional color for wedding day celebrations.

Women used to wear any wedding dress they like in any color of their choice except for black (which was associated with death and mourning) or red (which was associated with prostitutes). Sometimes these wedding dresses would be a mixture of hues in stunning variations.

The white wedding dress, however, changed everything. It all began with the marriage of Queen Victoria to her cousin Albert of Saxe-Coburg. She wore a white wedding dress for the event. When the official wedding portrait photograph was widely published, many brides opted for a wedding dress of similar hue in honor of that choice.

The white wedding dress came to symbolize purity of heart and the innocence of childhood. Later it also came to symbolize virginity. However, it was originally the color blue that was connected to purity. Hence the wedding adage: “something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue."

There is an old wedding poem about how the color of your wedding dress will influence your future:

"Married in white, you will have chosen all right.
Married in grey, you will go far away.
Married in black, you will wish yourself back.
Married in red, you’ll wish yourself dead.
Married in blue, you will always be true.
Married in pearl, you’ll live in a whirl.
Married in green, ashamed to be seen,
Married in yellow, ashamed of the fellow,
Married in brown, you’ll live out of town.
Married in pink, your spirits will sink."

Therefore, carefully choose the color of your wedding dress. Even if the poem is just a figment of a poet's imagination, the color of a dress can affect a wedding day celebration. Colors can influence our moods and behavior. Make sure your wedding dress is either white or blue, the only colors whose lasting effect (according to the poem) is a right and true marriage life.

br /> History of the Wedding Dress
By Kelsey McIntyre

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