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Find that perfect wedding dress, wedding cake, wedding favor, wedding flower, or a wedding photographer at Wedding Celebration!
Weddings are special to everyone. Make your wedding plans come true with a variety of wedding accessories and decorations available at Wedding celebration. Find wedding ring and wedding band sets, wedding flower arrangement ideas and wedding flower designers, wedding decoration themes, wedding dress and wedding gown styles, wedding cake designs, wedding songs and wedding music selections, wedding poems, wedding invitation tips, wedding favor and wedding gift ideas, and even how to choose a wedding planner and a wedding photographer. Don't forget to check out how you can have a Las Vegas wedding!

Wedding Favor

Wedding favors are small gifts given to wedding guests, usually at the wedding reception. These are not only meant to thank the guests for coming but to give the guests a reminder of the couple's special day!

Traditional Wedding Favors

Jordan Almonds

The slightly bittersweet taste of raw almonds is coated with the sugary goodness of the candy coating, bringing with it a hope that the new life of the bride and groom is more sweet than bitter. Other traditions say that almonds should always be received in odd numbers so that it can not easily be divided. The giving of almond wedding favors is connected with the motto: 'A gift of five almonds represents health, wealth, long life, fertility and happiness'. This wedding favor practice once again representing the new found life of the couple.

Dried Fruit

Representing the bounty of a full harvest or life, giving out a wedding favor of dried fruit is a wonderful way to say thank you to your guests for taking time to be with you on your special day. This wedding favor is perfect for outdoor weddings as well as appropriate for weddings in spring and summer. A wedding favor such as a simple tulle and ribbon bag done in your bridal colors can make a beautiful presentation.

Picture Frames

Many couples give picture frames as wedding favors. These frames may be placed in a mixed wedding favor bag, used as placeholders/seat assignment placards, as part of a centerpiece, or individualized for each guest (usually containing a picture of the couple and the guest). These frames are generally no larger than 4x6, but some couples opt for larger frames - especially if they are also using them as centerpieces.

Photo Albums

Small photo albums also make great wedding favors, especially for small weddings and family-centered weddings. Couples may wish to place one of their engagement pictures inside, or a small personalized note thanking the guest for attending the day's celebration.

Bells and other noisemakers

A long-standing tradition is to give guests wedding bells as wedding favors. Traditionally, whenever a guest rang the bell the couple would have to kiss. Many couples like to put the tradition of the wedding bell ringing on little cards. In modern times, there are also other noisemakers that can be included as wedding favors such as flutes, horns, and clappers.


Candles have been a popular wedding favor to guests for many years. They may be of any size, shape, or scent. Many couples use votive candles and have them in decorative holders. There are also specialty candles, such wedding cake-shaped candles with a scrumptious butter cream frosting scent. Some couples will make their own candles to give to guests. Candles may also be placed as part of a mixed favor. If there is a unity candle ceremony involved, the couple may use smaller replicas of the candles as wedding favors.

Cookies, cakes, and pastries

Edible items have always been a popular wedding favor. Some couples opt to have individual cakes or cakes at each table in lieu of a traditional wedding cake. Cakes, cookies, and pastries can be used as table centerpieces and as wedding favors. Many couples who opt to use these as wedding favors generally have them in boxes. These items are very easily personalized and can make for tasty desserts (as well as late-night snacks for later!)

Homemade Jams, Jellies, or Preserves

If you make your own jams, jellies, or preserves you may want to share your talent with your guests. These tasty wedding favors often last a lot longer than candy or other edible favors. If you're having a destination wedding, you may want to consider this wedding favor as well. That way your guests can bring a taste of the destination home with them.


One of the most popular and widely used wedding favors is candy. Candy is very versatile and there is truly something for everyone. Many couples buy candy to match their wedding colors. Candy can be put into mixed favors, put inside placards, used as part of centerpieces and table decorations, and be made into other types of wedding favors (e.g. tulle candy roses). Many types of candy can also be personalized with the couple's names - either on the candy itself or on the wrappers. Chocolate cigars are popular wedding favors representing the groom.

Tip: If you know there will be people with dietary concerns attending (e.g. diabetics, those on special diets, etc.) you may want to also purchase sugar-free food items. That way they will be able to appreciate your sweet wedding favors as well.

Contemporary Wedding Favors

Charitable Donations

If you and your guests are particularly socially conscious, you may want to consider using your wedding favor budget to make donations to charities in the names of your guests. A small certificate can be handed to each guest explaining the donation and thanking them for attending the wedding day celebrations.


A quick do-it-yourself project for any computer savvy bride! Create a 7-column landscape layout on your favorite word processing software. Add the names of the bride and grooms, the location and date, and a special poem or saying (usually what you used on your invitation). Save your document file to a disk or flash drive and take it down to your local stationary or copy store. Pick out an 8x11 card stock in the color of your choice and have your bookmarks printed. Most stores will have a paper cutter you can use to separate the book marks.

Tip: Beware of making music CDs as wedding favors! In the past, couples would compile a CD of songs that hold meaning for them to give as wedding favors. However, unless the music is done by an independent artist who gives you permission to distribute their music freely, it is illegal in most countries to distribute commercially-published music to others. Some people choose to ignore this and make these favors anyway.

Bath & Body Products

Some creative couples may wish to make their own bath & body products like bubble bath bottles or bath soaps as wedding favors. These are especially nice for bridesmaid gifts. The couple may make their own and create a personalized scent, give pre-existing products, or give personalized products. These products are perfect for gift baskets.

Wild Flower Seed Packets

Wild flower seeds are a great way to show your love of nature as well as give your guests something beautiful to look at for a long time to come.

Tea and Coffee Samplers

If you and your partner are into tasty beverages, you may want to consider tea and/or coffee sampler packets. This is a great wedding favor that can be enjoyed at the guest's leisure and also help share some things you like with your guests. Hot cocoa, spiced cider and other beverages also make good wedding favors.

Tip: Make your own hot beverage mix favor! Put your favorite dry hot cocoa or spiced cider mix into translucent, waterproof bags - because of their shape, decorator bags are ideal. Secure and decorate it with a pretty ribbon. These are easy-to-make wedding favors that can be easily personalized either through your own special recipe and/or through decorations on the bag!

Liquid Bubbles

Many couples choose to use blown bubbles as a way for guests to send the couple off after the reception. These also make great wedding favors for guests to take with them. Many companies offer bubble containers in fun shapes (hearts, champagne flutes, champagne bottles, wedding cakes, etc.) and many can be personalized with the couple's names and their wedding date.

Personalized items

In addition to liquid bubbles, many other items can be personalized. Pens, glasses, and small personal items (key chains, money clips, clocks, etc.) can be personalized with the couple's names and usually the day's celebration date as well. This gives guests a nice item that is a distinct reminder of the wedding day.

Kitchen/bar accessories

It is becoming more and more popular to have small kitchen and/or bar accessories as wedding favors. Bottle stoppers, corkscrews, measuring sets, drink shakers, coffee accessory kits, and coasters are just a few examples of such gifts. Many couples opt to personalize these with their names as well. These gifts are especially popular amongst couples who have more mature guests.

Small plants

Some couples decide to give their guests a living gift, such as small plants that are native to the area where the wedding takes place. This is an especially popular wedding favor for destination weddings. The plants are often arranged as centerpieces on the tables, with small notes at each place setting inviting guests to take a plant with them.

Tip: If you're planning on giving plants or other local flora/produce as wedding favors for your guests to take with them, make certain that those gifts can be transported! Some countries will not allow their citizens to re-enter their home country with foreign produce or flora and will confiscate the gifts permanently.

Mixed Wedding Favors

Wedding Favor Bags

Favor bags are one of the most popular types of wedding favors. Generally favor bags include several types of wedding favors. Favor "bags" do not even necessarily need to be bags - they can also be boxes, shadow boxes, cartons, or any other type of container. Couples usually opt to include wedding favors that hold significance for the couple.

Out-of-town Guest Packages

Couples with large wedding budgets and/or destination weddings often prepare guest packages for their out-of-town guests. These wedding favors are generally placed inside the hotel rooms of the guest, waiting for them when they arrive. The couple generally brings these and a list to the hotel the day of the guest's arrival so the cleaning staff may place it in the room. These packages generally contain items unique to the wedding venue's area, and often maps of the area.
Tip: Check with the hotels BEFORE you bring guest packages! Some hotels do not accommodate this while others may charge a hefty fee for placing packages in the rooms.


Wedding Favors - AppleBride Community Encyclopedia

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